About Us

Since I was little girl I loved dressing up and everything fashion. Dresses were my favorite. As I got older my love and passion for fashion grew; I expressed this by creating OOTD (outfits of the day). I would share my fashion and styling tips via social media and You Tube. I always had a good eye for  finding  unique pieces and putting them together to inspire many others. Using my creativity to teach others how they can reuse one fashion staple such as a dress in various ways, to create different looks. I then gave others the opportunity to shop my closet via Poshmark and Mercari. Which eventually led to me deciding I wanted to be able to  handpick new fresh pieces for others to shop directly from me. This led to me jotting down a business plan to have a boutique of my own. Chic Chik is more than just fashion, promoting well being , and how to live a happier and healthier lifestyle is very important to me. We all deserve happiness life is too short to be bitter. So put your favorite outfit on and your best foot forward.


Now Chic Chik brings to you the capability to shop two ways:

1.) Chic Chik Boutique offers the latest in fashion

2.) If you are on a budget you can also shop Chic Chik's closet for GREAT DEALS!